How to use this site

About this website

This website is intended as digital support for the Swedish Nature exhibition. Here you can find all the labels and other texts accompanying the exhibition display cases.

You can read them in your smart telephone as you explore the exhibition, or afterwards.

Searching the website

You can search the entire contents of all the texts by

  1. Using the website Search function which finds all texts containing your search word(s).
  2. Exploring the map. By enlarging the map you can see where all texts are located in the exhibition. Click on the red markers.
  3. Exploring the exhibition’s six different nature types.
  4. Finding your search word(s) with an alphabetical word list. The alphabet is listed at the top of the screen.

You can always return to the start page by clicking on the bird box icon.

Hear the texts

We use ReadSpeaker to recite the texts so you can hear them. To begin, click on the ”Listen” ear symbol at the top of the page.